Starting With a Child’s Piece of Art

….an assignment from one of my many on-line classes

One of the classes that I’ve taken this year is from Sketch Book Skool.  We had 6 different instructors who all assigned different sketching and painting projects. One that especially intrigued me involved getting a young child to draw in my sketch book and then work a drawing around the child’s original piece.

At school I have a couple of students who like to come to the library after school and help me put books away. When I was given this assignment I asked J in grade one if he would like to draw in my book and then allow me to draw around his work and create a new piece. He was more than happy to do that and he took my book and very carefully and thoughtfully began drawing his picture. I thought he might draw the typical house and tree with him and his family standing in front but to my surprise he drew six flower pots with a flower in each.

Here is J’s work and then what I created from it. I used watercolour and ink around the pencil crayon drawings.


11 thoughts on “Starting With a Child’s Piece of Art

      • Well you’re right about that! I have similar experiences after doing many courses I find I can mix techniques and think up new things for myself – occasionally. The new stuff is still a rare treat, and I love that. You’re obviously in that place as well. Lovely.


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