Am I Crazy?

….I just signed up for two more art classes

In January I decided to take another year long course with Carla Sonheim called Y is for YellowEvery two weeks there’s a new lesson with homework. So far I haven’t been very good about finishing all the assignments but there’s one that I really liked and I keep drawing more examples of famous artists.

Today I signed up for a 31 day sketchbook challenge that starts tomorrow and another sketchbook class that goes for six weeks. The first mini assignment for Sketchbook Skool was to put some ink blots on paper, press it against another piece of paper, let it dry and then draw a sketch around what you see. This was fun to do and was somewhat similar to some of Carla’s assignments from past classes.

Here is what I did today:


Last week I shared my Dali sketches with you. When I demonstrated the technique with my grade two class on Friday I did another Dali and an Andy Warhol. I took them home on the weekend and finished them. I haven’t added the doodles yet. I think I’ll leave the Dali as is and only draw doodles around the Warhol piece. What do you think?

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