Blindly Drawing Lines to Create an Abstract Masterpiece

….with their eyes closed my students started to draw lines randomly across their paper

I didn’t want students to have a preconceived idea of what they wanted to draw so I asked them to close their eyes, and start drawing one continuous line all over their paper. When they opened their eyes they were allowed to add some more line if there was a lot of untouched space or if some of the shapes that they created were very large.

They rotated their paper to see which way they wanted to orientate their design and then they chose a variety of pencil crayon colours. I encouraged them to start with one colour and fill in spaces in different Β areas of the paper. Then they moved on to the next colour and then the next. When they had used all their colours they re-examined their work and decided where more colour was needed and determined if it was balanced.

After all the colour had been added I suggested to some that they go over some of the same areas again so that the shapes were fully covered. Once that was done they were allowed to take a black fine point Sharpie and start adding some line detail to their shapes. Some students found animal shapes and added eyes, noses and scales, while others made random lines and dashes.

I think they did an amazing job. These samples were done by my grade 1 and grade 2 classes.

16 thoughts on “Blindly Drawing Lines to Create an Abstract Masterpiece

  1. Wow. These are actually very awesome. What a great way to go outside the boundaries. There is a lot to be said with in an abstract piece. Each and every single person who view it, sees a little something different the person before. That is why I love abstract art so much, it’s not just a bowl of fruit, or a cottage or flowery meadow, abstract is so much more! These are lovely and you have some very talented students! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Joanne. Today I critiqued work that the grade ones did and as soon as I praised one little boy’s work all his classmates asked him to show them how he made his design. This happened after I left the room and their homeroom teacher told me what transpired. I always try to find something positive about everyone’s work. It makes a big difference and makes art a little less intimidating and gives some children much needed praise and encouragement.


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