The Next Wave of Snow is Upon Us

…..last Monday we saw more snow than predicted but still no ‘Snow Day’ in Toronto

Luckily everyone else stayed off the roads so driving to work on Monday wasn’t as bad as it could have been. About one third of our students stayed home and made their own ‘Snow Day’. All the other school boards around Toronto closed schools for the day. We only cancelled buses. It’s funny how conditions for school buses are too dangerous but it’s okay for teachers and parents to get out in their cars to get to school. Go figure!

Anyway, I didn’t intend to rant about last Monday. Today we’re experiencing more snow but I’m not sure that we’re going to get as much as predicted. I’m trying to get out and walk more so late this afternoon, when the snow started I went out for a walk and on my way home I took a few photos. They’re a little grainy because it started to get dark but some of that graininess is the snow that’s coming down.

I went out again a little while ago to walk the dog but she wouldn’t go further than around the block so I think I’m going to be about a thousand steps shy of my 10 000 step goal. Maybe I’ll go out one more time without her and shovel some of that snow.

some of

10 thoughts on “The Next Wave of Snow is Upon Us

    • That’s just cruel! I did go back out and shovelled the snow. Luckily it didn’t snow much more after that so I don’t have to go out this morning to do that job but it’s pretty grey out there. Sigh!


  1. Today felt bitter cold compared to yesterday. All this greyness and endless snow is starting to make me feel a little batty. Maybe getting out for a late day walk – even a short one – is the perfect prescription. Must give it a try 🙂


    • I find walking really helps. I managed 11 000 steps yesterday and today I took the dog for a very long walk in the afternoon and a shorter walk tonight. I just got in from shovelling snow and I’ve clocked just over 10 000 steps. It’s all about dressing in layers and having a good warm hat and mittens.


    • Sounds heavenly. Today we’ve had the coldest temperature all winter. It may even have set a record. This morning the temperature sat at -25 degrees celsius with a windchill of -40, at its worst. We’re enjoying a quiet day indoors, catching up on our reading, blogging and art projects.


      • This afternoon we had a visit from a friend who is just back from the Antarctic, completing his last peak of his quest to climb the seven highest mountains in the seven continents. Not sure if the weather there was as cold as you are experiencing now!


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