Share Your World 2015 – Week 3

…..more questions brought to you by Cee

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

I’ve saved this question for last because I’m finding it the most difficult to answer. I would be worried about having someone I don’t know over for dinner. Is the house clean enough, are my things up to par, will they like my cooking, will I say something stupid and insult them or will I find them completely boring and be let down by the experience? When I have people over I want to enjoy the experience so I tend to invite people who know me well and won’t judge me. Therefore I’d have to say that I want my best friends over for dinner.

When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

The last time I sang was at the percussion concert we had last Thursday at school. I sang with the audience. I like to sing in the car when I’m by myself. I can’t remember the last time I sang to someone. Sometimes I’ll break out in song when I’m reading a story to the younger boys and girls in the library. I sang in a German choir for 27 years and after that I was a guest chorister with a fantastic church choir. I did that for a few years.


If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

I wish I could eat like a person who is healthy, enjoys food and doesn’t struggle with weight. I’m healthy and I certainly enjoy food but my weight has been a life long struggle.

What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

I think joking about anything that is tragic is taboo. Joking about someone’s loss or pain is just plain tacky.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that my reports are written, that I produced some fun art IMG_3847 IMG_3848 IMG_3851and that I got to hear the children perform on the percussion instruments after listening to them practise every day for two weeks. IMG_3788I’m grateful that I was able to visit my Dad today and help somewhat with his moving dilemma. He is moving from a house to an apartment and between him and his partner G they have at least two apartment’s worth of belongings.

This week I’m looking forward to producing more art and starting the second part of the assignment that I was given last Thursday. I have till Feb. 8 before I receive the next lesson.

9 thoughts on “Share Your World 2015 – Week 3

    • Thanks Cee, Every once in awhile one of your questions stump me. I really had to think about that question. When it came right down to it the only people I really want to share a meal with are those that I love and love me back.


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