Sunday Trees – 133

…’s June 1st and some trees have just blossomed

photo 3-158 photo 2-175

This is my neighbours flowering apple tree. For more Sunday Trees check out


11 thoughts on “Sunday Trees – 133

  1. How gorgeous!!! — I usually visit the NE each spring and fall — but had to skip this year because of my mom’s illness. This gives me a glimpse of what I miss most of the countryside. Thank you for sharing!


    • I hope your mom’s okay. I have a flowering crabapple tree in my front yard but last year the city came and trimmed it back so much that the blooms are barely noticeable anymore. When I get up to my cottage there will be lots of great trees to photograph.


      • Alas, my mom is in hospice with end-stage lung cancer. I spend every 2 weeks for 2 weeks in south Louisiana with her, while balancing my life in Texas. Cottage + Trees sounds heavenly! Enjoy!


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