A Concert Featuring a Recorder Player….Really?

…..yes and it was amazing

A week ago I had the pleasure of attending a concert in the afternoon that featured an up and coming star in the music world who plays the recorder. His name is Vincent Lauzer and he graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In 2012, he won the First Prize during the Stepping Stone of the Canada Music Competition and the Career Development Award from the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto. These are just a couple of awards that he has won and after watching his performance I can see why. I can’t really write a review that would adequately critique the actual performance so I have added a link for a review written by Margaret Lam over at Musical Toronto.

Much of the performance featured Baroque music but Vincent did include some contemporary pieces which I really enjoyed. When browsing Youtube I could only find videos of the more classical recorder scores. Here is one that I think will give you a pretty good idea of Lauzer’s skill on the recorder. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “A Concert Featuring a Recorder Player….Really?

  1. Beautiful …. I first read it record player …. and I looked for it .. in the video. Didn’t know that the flute was called that – got a good laugh when I figured out what a recorder is. Not easy to be a Swede at times. *smile


    • Your comment made me laugh. I often misread words and have to go back to make the connection between the picture and the word. I think your English is amazing. I can’t speak one word of Swedish.


      • TACK SÅ MYCKET …. we have to learn English for 3 years in school, but I wasn’t great .. on it – until the last year .. when I started to agree on it. Blogging has made it a lot better, but not perfect. *smile


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