A Gay Dad Mourns the Loss of Joe Bell, Killed in the Line of Duty of Being a Dad

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Image“Making headway, one step at a time”.   This was the last communication from Joe Bell on his epic quest to walk across the United States and do everything within his power to end bullying, intolerance and suicide.  His journey was not the result of an idealistic publicity stunt.  It was a mission.  A truck whose driver allegedly had fallen asleep at the wheel struck Joe down yesterday killing him as he fought in valor as a dad, and a hero.

Our country’s values had fallen asleep at its own wheel long before this accident.  Jadin Bell, Joe’s 15 year old son, tragically took his own life earlier this year.  Jadin hung himself after a barrage of bullying that even continued in the local paper while he hung on for days in a coma.  One commenter, for example calling himself “PuzzleFighter”  wrote in the thread commemorating Jadin, “BTW, some guy who…

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4 thoughts on “A Gay Dad Mourns the Loss of Joe Bell, Killed in the Line of Duty of Being a Dad

  1. This is actually a very sad story from my small town in Eastern Oregon. Joe is from LaGrande and his son went to the elementary school where I teach. I never had him as a student, but this deeply affected our entire community. So sad in every way. 😦


    • What a small world. Dealing with the death of a student is always difficult. When I was the guidance counsellor at my last school I had to pull children from their classrooms to tell them that one of their friends had just died. He was also one of my favourite students and at the same time probably the most difficult student I ever worked with. He had come so far and his future looked so promising. A difficult time for all concerned.


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