One Day Left in April

…..and I’m still shy 2 new followers to reach my goal of 300

April has been an interesting month. I reached 10 000 views and in fact this month I set a record for the most views in one month since I started blogging one year ago. I also had my best day for views yesterday.

Recently I mentioned that I’ve met some wonderful people since I started blogging. We comment back and forth so often that I feel we’ve really made a connection. Thank you for all your kind words and your support.

This weekend I experienced a first for me. Someone I’ve never met before came across my blog while she was helping her daughter with a homework project. They were researching watercolour painters and they saw my post Painting at 91. The mom realized that she knew the family in the photo. In fact she’d been looking for my friend L for years. They met during high school when L was studying in France. They lost touch with each other about 18 years ago. Now they’re about to reconnect, despite living an ocean apart. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

Love hearing from you? What was the most interesting experience you’ve had since you first started blogging?




1 thought on “One Day Left in April

  1. Wow, what a story! I have to say, I’m always pleased when people who post on my blog keep a conversation going between them. Not exactly being a matchmaker, but that’s a bit of what I feel like …. Sort of … 🙂


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