New Flower (January 14, 2021) – Yellow Tulips

haven’t posted flowers in awhile because I haven’t been able to get out

Today I had to take my husband to the hospital for blood work and his annual check-up in the oncology department. Currently the hospitals don’t allow visitors to accompany patients so I spent time walking through High Park and up and down Roncesvalles. Not many stores are open but the green grocers had flowers sitting in front of their stores and I treated myself to a bunch of these yellow tulips. My husband is fine by the way and his cancer is still in remission after 9 years.


5 thoughts on “New Flower (January 14, 2021) – Yellow Tulips

      • Yes! So many people I know have gone through cancer. I was counting the people on our block alone in CA. Three died in the last five or six years, and another three of us that I know of had cancer in the past couple of years. During the pandemic would be a horrible time to have to struggle with cancer. You both take care, my friend.

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