A New Challenge – Thursday Trios

….I like photographic challenges, they keep me on my toes when I’m out walking and looking for interesting subjects to snap photos of

I’ve always wanted to host a photo challenge and I think I’ve come up with one that is relatively original. The challenge is to find subjects that show up in a cluster or group of three. They can be birds, animals, people, flowers or inanimate objects. They can be staged or things you find naturally in the great outdoors or indoors. There are no other rules. They can be in black and white, colour, square or rectangular.

There is no need to write a story or even leave a caption with your photos. That’s not to say that you can’t add a poem or some text if you are so inclined. Whatever floats your boat. I’m looking forward to see if there is any interest in this challenge. If you decide to try it copy the link to this post and paste it into your blog. I should get a ping back and I’ll respond to your post.



18 thoughts on “A New Challenge – Thursday Trios

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