Going Back to My Roots

….hair roots that is

Just before we went into lockdown back in March of this year I had highlights done in my hair and I got it cut. My colourist and I agreed that my natural colour was returning to the colour I had as a very young child and that I should let that natural colour come back. Now nine and a half months later I haven’t put a drop of colour in my hair and I’ve only had it cut once back at the end of August.

Many people think I still colour my hair, including some members of my family but my hair has grown at least six inches since March and there are no signs of dark roots at the front of my head. My hair is definitely darker underneath but then it always has been. In fact before I started colouring my hair in my forties my natural colour changed all the time. It always lightened in the summer and with each pregnancy my colour changed. The only reason that I started to colour my hair was because as the grey started to come in it looked mousy.

A lot of my friends are letting their grey hair come in. I never in a million years thought my hair would go back to being a white blonde but here it is……

DB1-D7-AC3-F26-B-4-C8-D-AACD-0-FC499251-F80 C3681-A0-A-F056-4-D02-AD96-6-E39-A687-C899-1-201-a

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