or just discarded

With so many masks being worn now it’s not surprising to find the odd mask on the ground. I’m sure I’ve lost one or two getting out of the car and parents are probably finding that children lose masks as often as they lose their mittens.

My husband thought it would be fun to photograph these displaced masks and post them on the blog. I agreed but as soon as I did it seemed like lost or discarded masks were not as plentiful as we thought. None the less I’ve been on the lookout and here’s what I’ve found so far.

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It looks like masks aren’t the only things that get misplaced.

9-FAB7-F4-F-AE22-457-A-9-D96-04045256865-B 4160-C3-A8-F172-41-B6-B3-BF-5447109584-AE

2 thoughts on “Lost…..

    • I hope not. Having collected cigarette butts in the spring I’d have to say that discarded masks are nowhere near the number of butts in my neighbourhood. Nonetheless, it’s a sad commentary and I wish people would be more considerate of their environment.

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