After the Rain

….waves, waves and more waves

I love how the water changes on our bay. It can be calm and clear as glass one day and then the next day or three days we experience huge powerful waves. Sometimes this change is referred to as a ‘three day blow’.

D1-E2867-E-7-FB8-49-A5-B1-C0-4-A065707-E138 E10-F00-D0-629-E-4580-938-A-00-B0-CE09-D185 66-C0-C118-C11-C-4-CFF-919-E-A7-F3-BDC816-C9 EFE44696-290-C-446-F-85-B3-B243122-FD3-BA 3-D5-A515-D-D7-EF-4142-98-F1-746-DF00-D13-BD FC1903-D2-7724-4-E7-E-A932-0-DA22-CA96974 FBBA6-AB9-2-DE2-4504-B110-E0159-CB676-B4

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