Day 17 – Still Life Photography

….thanks to Leanne Cole for hosting the 30 Day at Home Challenge

I thought I knew what ‘still life photography’ was but it seemed from Leanne’s post that there was more to it than just taking a photo of an object.

According to the Format team still life photography is as follows:

In a nutshell, a still life is a work of art that focuses on inanimate subjects. Usually, the subjects are commonplace objects. That can include both manmade objects (such as vases, items of clothing, and consumer products) and natural objects (like plants, food, rocks, and shells).

The major advantage offered by still life is the freedom to arrange the objects any way you want. Still life photography follows the same philosophy. A lot of emphasis is put on the arrangement of the items, the lighting, and the framing.

With that bit of information I’ve been on the hunt for interesting objects around the house to photograph.D0-B627-E1-B056-4722-9-C77-93-EFB3-C6-DDF6-1-201-a


4 thoughts on “Day 17 – Still Life Photography

  1. To me a photograph is successful if it makes you think. 🙂
    Your lids reminded me of the several coffee canister lids I broken in the last couple of years. We have a set of three matching canisters in the kitchen….one for Tea, Coffee and Sugar. I usually manage to break a lid to the coffee canister just after the store has stopped selling them forcing to buy a whole new set.

    Best Wishes

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    • Thank you for this very thoughtful response. I inherited these lids because the teapots themselves broke. They were headed for the garbage and I decided to rescue them figuring I could use them in some kind of art project. I hope you found a use for the lidless canisters.


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