Apologies to My Followers

….WordPress no longer likes Safari

For a couple of months now I’ve not been able to ‘like’ or leave a comment on some of your blogs. I’d say that 60 percent or you or more have not heard from me in awhile. It’s not that I don’t read your posts, I do but I can’t press ‘like’ or leave a comment when I open up WordPress in Safari. For over six years it hasn’t been a problem. I know that some of you are experiencing the same thing because you’ve written about it.

When I open up in Google Chrome I’m able to connect with all of you but I find it difficult to write my own posts and add photos. Has anyone had a similar problem with Chrome?I’d much prefer to stay with Safari but if I have to move over I guess I will. Please leave me some advice if you’ve experienced a similar problem. I haven’t contacted WordPress yet. If no one can help me I guess that will be my next step.

31 thoughts on “Apologies to My Followers

  1. Safari has always been a problem for me with blog “stuff” and often e-mails etc. I only use Chrome. I think WordPress is aware (I asked some time ago) but the problem was Safari, not WordPress, unless things have changed.


  2. I have no problem with Chrome, but with my Apple computer. Since the last update I also had the like problem i discovered I had to scroll down to the comment box where you find the „W“ sign for WordPress. Click on it and your like appears. It does not work for all contacts, but about 99%. I also have a Windows computer

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  3. I’ve heard about this issue before, quite annoying tgat it hasn’t been fixed! I use chrome as safari had too many problems. But I’ve had a problem forever with draft dates not updating. Now that you mention it, I wonder if my problem is chrome-related?? 🤣

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  4. Actually I too had many problems with Safari and the Happiness Engineers weren’t able to help. With the help of another blogger, I finally found a solution that worked for me and maybe it will work for you too,

    After one of the Safari updates, one of the privacy settings automatically created a default which was causing the problem.
    Under “Safari” go to “Preferences” and you should find that “Website tracking” has defaulted to “Prevent cross-site tracking”. When I unchecked this feature, all my problems disappeared.

    I hope it works for you too!! Good luck.

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  5. Chrome will end up doing the same thing soon. Anyhow there is a simple solution.
    For either Safari or Chrome, you need to go into the Preferences menu (under the Safari), then go to “Privacy” and un-click the first box that reads “Prevent cross site tracking”. That will fix your problem. It’s a double check all browser are putting in for more security. It’s stupid. It took me about 3 month to figure it out. I even thought about not blogging anymore because of it. I’m glad you hung in.

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  6. I’m wondering if this glitch may have started after you downloaded an update for Safari. Have you tried re-installing Safari. I hardly use Safari anymore and have found Chrome to be more reliable with several websites I access.


    • Thanks for the suggestion but the problem has been solved. You’re probably right about downloading an update for Safari when the problem started. The fix was pretty simple. I’m glad I reached out to my followers to find the solution.


  7. I wondered where you’ve been. I’ve had good success with an iPad and safari on the WordPress mobile app although there are occasional glitches. The trouble with this technology is the variable issues, browser, internet or a sites server. I think the electron was never meant to be tamed.


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