A Wedding, a Tribute to War Veterans and an Ethiopian Feast

This week we had another wedding in the family. My sister’s daughter and her fiancé tied the knot at City Hall in London, ON. My oldest daughter, Andrea, my father, my nephew (the bride’s brother) and I left early Monday morning and drove to London to attend the ceremony. It was a small intimate gathering of immediate family members and two close friends of the bride.

After the signing of the papers the small wedding party walked to the park next to City Hall and had numerous photos taken. While there I noticed some interesting memorials dedicated to the veterans of the World Wars.

Once everyone was satisfied with the number of photos taken we drove to an Ethiopian restaurant not too far from City Hall. The groom who hails from Ethiopia took charge of ordering the food. For most of the guests this was a new experience. The restaurant is called Enat and the food was amazing. Enat Restaurant

Gashaw ordered three platters of food, two with a variety of spicy meats and one with assorted vegetarian options. All of them were covered with the traditional injera, a spongey sour dough flat bread.  Ethiopians tear off  pieces of the injera to pick up bites of entrées and side dishes. Utensils are optional.


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