Flying High Over Lake Ontario

….kite surfing in mid-October

Last Sunday as I was walking the dog I noticed this large kite hanging in the sky.

As I got closer I noticed a group of men and women inflating and preparing their kites to take out onto the water with their surf boards. Despite the overcast skies and drizzly weather, these brave souls took to the choppy waters and put on quite a show.

We’ve been experiencing very mild temperatures for October this year. Sunday was no exception but there was one difference; it was very windy. Perfect conditions for kite surfing.


4 thoughts on “Flying High Over Lake Ontario

  1. That must have been so much fun to watch! I love it when I catch something unexpected like this.

    I heard this week that we are going to have a lot of snow this winter. Because it’s been so warm this fall – and continues to be warm – the Great Lakes have too much heat which is going to delay their freezing. Apparently this is going to translate into high precipitation. Oh yay 😖


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