Introducing Digit: A Polydactyl Kitten

…..polydactyl cats have more than the normal 18 toes

Most cats have 5 toes on each front paw and 4 on each back paw. Last week I was introduced to the newest member of M’s pet family. Digit is a beautiful black and white kitten with extra toes on her front and back paws.P1040597P1040599P1040600P1040602P1040606fullsizeoutput_76a9

6 thoughts on “Introducing Digit: A Polydactyl Kitten

  1. Would LOVE to feature Digit on CATNIPblog. There’s a post on curioustothemax you can see – but it’s quite lengthy. All we need pictures which we can get here on this post and a bit more information about that adorable kitty. If you’re interested let me know (and of course we’ll put a link-back to your blog)


    • Hi Judith, I’m happy to share the photos from my blog. I’ll try to get more information about the kitten from my friend but I don’t see her that often. I can email her and ask her any questions that you may have.


      • Just loved your post and thought it would be fun to share. I’ll send you a few questions. Any pets you have you’d like to “showcase” let me know. We love animals . . . even the human kind.


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