Stained Glass Trees Made With Pastels

….a lesson on blending analogous colours and warm and cool colours

Using chalk pastels and in some cases oil pastels, my grade 3 students designed a stained glass tree of their choice. They were asked to draw their lines to the edge of the paper and use thick black marker lines to represent the lead used in real stained glass art.

If they drew an evergreen tree they had to make sure that the negative space contrasted the actual tree and they were instructed to use the opposite colour choices for the background. In other words if they used warm colours for their tree than the  background would be in cool colours and vice versa. If their tree was a deciduous tree than the spaces between the branches and the negative space were the only areas that were coloured with bright analogous colours that blended nicely together.

For the most part my students understood the concept. Hope you enjoy the slide show of their work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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