Crazy Hair Art

….thanks to Mary from Be Creative Mary for this great art project

I wasn’t going to do this with all my classes but when the first finished pieces went up on display all of my students wanted to know when they were going to do the same project.

After the first group finished this project I realized that I had to put some restrictions on their enthusiasm. I had to remind students that this project was about the crazy hair coming out of the top of their heads and not what came out of their noses. Most of my art students are in grade 3 and a small handful are in grade 2 this year.

After taking their head shots I converted the photo into black and white and printed them on simple photocopy paper. I cut out all the photos and removed most of their hair. Seeing their reactions was priceless. I did have to stress that the hair they created needed some shape so that colour could be added to it. I didn’t want them to simply add a scribble over their heads.

Here are some of the finished pieces that have already found their way onto the bulletin boards in the hallway of our school.

These followed a few days later:

12 thoughts on “Crazy Hair Art

    • The first group that did this project did add detail that I would have preferred not seeing but their teacher put every one on display for our Open House. I guess the parents know their children because not one of them complained.

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