Food in Italy

…..we didn’t have one bad meal in all of Italy

When preparing for our trip to Italy people told us over and over again that we wouldn’t experience any bad meals. It is also not true that Italians only eat pasta and pizza.

Our first meal in Italy took place in an outdoor cafe along a canal in Venice. When we sat down for a bite of lunch we were told that the restaurant wasn’t open yet but that we were welcome to sit and have drinks. We accepted the offer and made ourselves comfortable.

Our wait was very short lived. Within about 15 minutes all the tables were set with fresh tablecloths and we were handed menus. We decided to share a selection of pizzas and we ordered a couple of salads. What a treat when the salads arrived. The insalata Caprese was hands down one of the best salads I’ve ever tasted. Two things made this salad extra special. First, the tomatoes were roasted and second the cheese they used was a Burrata. We had the same cheese that night at my sister’s place, again in Florence and again at the wedding.


Our first night in Florence I had a wonderful meal of assorted seafood.


I wasn’t particularly good about photographing our meals but our daughter and daughter-in-law were great at it. Many of the following photos were taken by them and it shows the diversity of one’s food options throughout Italy.

One of the foods that my husband wanted to experience was a pasta Bolognese in Bologna so we made a special trip one day so that he could have that experience. The restaurant came highly recommended and we weren’t disappointed. Even the baby had a good time gnawing on her raw pasta tube while we waited for dinner to be served.

Every city we visited after Florence had memorable meals but more about those meals in future posts.


11 thoughts on “Food in Italy

  1. I’m so happy you like Italian food, but nothing is more interesting than looking at your granddaughter gnawing her raw pasta tube…!
    She won’t agree with your opinion on Italian food!
    Beautiful shots

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  2. High praise indeed and it says so much about the nation. I’ve had mediocre pizza on occasion, or too salty dishes, for example, but the taste is the norm. No wonder that my name (which is pronounced Manya to rhyme with Tanya or lasagna) means ‘Eat’ in a bunch of Italian dialects. 😀

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