Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…..

……everywhere you look in my neighbourhood people have signs posted on their lawns

We’re in the middle of a federal election here in Canada so it’s not unusual to see party signs in front of people’s homes but people are somewhat hesitant to declare their support for one party over another this time around. Instead of political signs people are encouraging drivers to slow down, they want door to door mail service to continue and they are protesting the proposed extension of the Island Airport. One home owner wants dog walkers to keep their pets off their plants and has posted signs in front of his garden.

Here are a few signs that I came across on our walk this evening.

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This last photo is my entry for this week’s Odd Ball Photo, hosted by Cee.


6 thoughts on “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…..

  1. We have dozens and dozens of political party signs up in our neighbourhood. It’s very confusing. My area is very Asian and the candidates are Chan, Chen, and Chang. It makes my head hurt because for the life of me, I can’t keep it straight who is what.

    I love the Storm Trooper sign though. I want one! … you know, just to break up the monotony 😉

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      • It sounds like you have the same issue!! If I remember correctly, they note the party on the ballot. Hope it eliminates the confusion. The real issue will be getting people to get out and vote!!
        Since Elections Canada can no longer promote voting, voter turnout may be even worse than usual.


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