Ice Climb on Niagara Falls

This morning I read about two ice climbers, Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken who scaled the first ever ice climb of Niagara Falls. One of my most viewed posts is about about Niagara Falls when I was there with my German cousin three summers ago. To this day I still get readers who find that blog post. Today Frizz from Flickr Comments commented on this historic feat from that site..

I read the article on the Toronto Star and was able to download the video from YouTube. Here it is:

5 thoughts on “Ice Climb on Niagara Falls

  1. Wow – you’re not going to get closer to the Falls than that!!

    Do you know if this was done this year? I know last year there was considerable freezing because of our winter from hell, but I wasn’t sure what the conditions were this year.

    Seeing the Falls in winter is on my to-do list. If this was done this winter, then I better get my behind off to Niagara Falls asap 🙂

    No ice climbing for me though 😉


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