Away ….(Continued)

……the wedding and reception

After lunch last Saturday we all went back to the hotel to get ready for the church service. We were toying with the idea of taking a taxi to the reception so we wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving later on so I made the decision to not take the wedding gift with me to the church. Instead I would drive back to the hotel and then call a cab. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

On our way to the car we met up with some guests who we had met earlier in the day. They were also going to the church but had been waiting a long time for a cab. They had a similar experience earlier in the day when they waited 45 minutes before a cab picked them up. The van I rented could seat 7 people so we invited them to come with us and the hotel cancelled their cab. Image

The wedding ceremony was very moving. Of course I started crying when my sister came down the aisle with her 25 year old son but I pulled myself together quickly. It was a choral wedding which means that the church choir sang throughout the service.

Both my sister and her husband are members of this church and my sister also sings with this choir. The service was about an hour long and afterwards the families stayed behind so that pictures could be taken in the church.

The couple that we drove to the church needed a lift to the reception so I offered to drive them if they didn’t  mind waiting while the photographer did his job. This, however, slightly changed my plans. After all the pictures were taken I drove everyone to  the restaurant first but I still needed to pick up the wedding gift so I drove back to the hotel. My girls accompanied me so that I wouldn’t be alone and in the end we decided not to order a cab, considering how difficult it had been earlier in the day for the people that we drove. If we drank too much we would leave the van in the parking lot and order a cab from the restaurant.

The reception was a lot of fun. Instead of clinking glasses to make the bride and groom kiss, you had to take the cap gun and ‘shoot’ the new couple. It sounds a bit disturbing but that’s what they wanted. They both enjoy target shooting and D gets out with his brothers a couple times a year to go hunting. Living out there is quite different from the big city. In the end I only had one drink and really didn’t miss having more to drink. I danced all night with my sisters and nieces and nephews.

The highlight of the evening for my baby sister and I happened when our sister and our father danced together. My Dad is 87 years young and still loves to dance. He brought his dancing shoes with him and made sure to tell the DJ that he had done so. Everyone was in awe when they saw how spry my father is and how well the two of them danced with each other. My little sister cried. It was at that moment that we realized how lucky we are to still have our father with us. P1040076 P1040075P1040082

To be continued……..

4 thoughts on “Away ….(Continued)

  1. Thanks for inviting me …. I really enjoyed the ceremony – seen it through your eyes … and it’s okay to cry on any wedding … I do! Your sister dress is so beautiful … and your dad, what a personality – it shines through the photos of him … bigger than life. Wonderful post, Carol.


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