January 2013 Photo a Day Challenge – Mine

….. I found this subject particularly challenging

My whole life growing up I heard my mother and father say that what’s mine is yours. When I married, my husband and I had a similar philosophy but I did notice that he (my husband) did have some things that he considered exclusively his. As I got older I realized that if anything happened to my husband I could be in trouble because I owned nothing in my own name. We bought the house together, our cars were in both names, the insurance was in his name, and all the credit cards were in his name. I had no line of credit to speak of and if I needed to get my own car insurance I wouldn’t be insurable because I’ve never  had my own.

All that has changed. I have my own line of credit, my own credit cards and my car is in my name. Apart from photographing my credit cards, I wasn’t sure what else I could take pictures of that were exclusively mine. My husband of 37 years? After thinking long and hard I decided to share some of my art with you. It’s what I love to do. I am very much an amateur but my students consider me an artist. Enjoy!

Abstract monoprint 5x7

Abstract monoprint 5×7

Opposites Attract - mixed media, on paper, 16 x 20

Opposites Attract – mixed media, on paper, 16 x 20

P1000196If you want to take part in this challenge check out Jeanne’s blog….a nola girl at heart.

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