Pace – Slow or Fast?

…..I immediately wanted to say slow but fast has some benefits as well

As I get older I want life to slow down but sitting in traffic is a drag. If I could put a fast forward on traffic congestion without losing precious minutes of my life I would love that. Besides people waste way too much time talking about how bad traffic is.

We all need to slow down, smell the roses, appreciate the beauty around us and not wish our lives away. I remember as a child wishing I was 16. Then I wanted to be 21 and be married. Then I couldn’t wait to have children.

Now I wish I could turn the clock back and relive those moments when my children were babies. My babies are now in their 30s and my son lives across the ‘pond’. He’s coming home on a business trip next week but only has one day to spend with us. We’re going to make the most of that day.

I want to savour each day I have left on this earth: spending time with my 88 year old Dad, visiting my sisters who live hours away, enjoying my husband’s company, sharing meals with my children and their significant others and enjoying time with old and new friends.

Thank you Daily Post for making me reflect on what’s important in life.


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