8 thoughts on “Monster Monday – May 10, 2021

      • Monster Monday, Wacky Bird Wednesday and Funky Frog Friday are all my husband’s art work. He just started making the monsters about a year ago for our now 5 year old granddaughter and then added the birds. Recently he was asked by one of his 18 year old granddaughters (long but interesting story, my step granddaughter) to start Funky Frog Friday. It’s been a great diversion for my husband who hadn’t made art in over 40 years. My art is more abstract and intuitive but I have added florals and some animals in my work. Together Kevin and I have been trying to come up with a storyline for his drawings, especially the monsters. His frog character is developing into a story that he’s quite excited about.


  1. So I started one for you. Up to you to illustrate it if you wish to…I love Moody Blue and want to see more of him.

    Moody Blue was a monster who didn’t know he was a monster. He just thought he was a strange human and when he was old enough to worry about that fact, he decided to go about remedying it. What did usual humans do, he wondered? Because his whole family was as weird as he was, he knew they were not the ones to ask, so he decided to ask his neighbor Randolph, who was up in a tree by the sidewalk, dropping water balloons on any stranger who walked under the tree.

    “Hey, Randolph,” he shouted up at the tree. Can you tell me what is the most ordinary thing that humans do?

    Randolph finished pouring water into his next weapon and answered, “Well, it depends on what kind of human you are talking about. Do you mean a girl or a boy? An adult or a kid?”

    “A boy my age,” answered Moody Blue, and when Randolph answered that most boys their age played baseball, Moody Blue scratched his head.

    “Where would I find stuff to play baseball with?” he asked.

    Luckily, Randolph had recently given up baseball for water balloon terrorism, and so very shortly thereafter, Moody Blue walked away from Randolph’s garage sporting not only a bat, but also a red baseball cap with a bright blue button on top and “Hometown Hitters” written across the front. Feeling more humanlike already, he charged down the street in search of a baseball to hit and someone to throw it at him.

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    • Sorry I’m a little slow today with reading my email. I’ve just opened my computer to add some new material for my blog when I saw your message. Your comments are great. Keep them coming.


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