Friendly Friday: Comfort Zone

…thanks to Snow for hosting Friendly Friday

We often hear ‘get out of your comfort zone’ if you want to get ahead in life. On these cold, windy days I just want to stay in my comfort zone rather than brave the elements. Yesterday (Friday) was one of those days. My husband was feeling somewhat better and we decided to treat ourselves to a meal. The question that arose was: stay in and order take-out or go out to a restaurant?

We chose to go out. We definitely went ‘out of our comfort zone’. Even dressing warmly didn’t help us against the 90km winds. I can’t remember tackling winds like that in my lifetime. We could barely open the car door to get out. My husband removed his hat before the wind blew it away and we slowly crossed the street to the restaurant. The other thing we had to navigate were sheets of ice on the road and the sidewalk. We took baby steps which is apparently how one is suppose to walk on ice.

In the restaurant we were definitely in our comfort zone. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos even though the meal was excellent. I’ve gone through my gallery of photos to find other occasions when I was in my comfort zone along with some of my family.



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